Ellijay Amateur Radio Society
Monday Night Net

EARS Net Preamble

CQ, CQ, CQ, this is (your call sign) calling all amateur radio operators to the Ellijay Amateur Radio Society Repeater Net. This net meets each Monday at 7:30 PM local time. The purpose of this net is to pass any traffic- emergency, routine, or otherwise, and, to help teach and promote fellowship among amateur radio operators. After check-ins and comments, there will be announcements and a Swap Shop. Following this net, the Gilmer County ARES net will start.

This net is open to any and all licensed amateur radio operators.

At any time during this net, if you have emergency traffic, please key your mike and say "BREAK" "BREAK". This is a directed net, so make all calls through net control.

I will be your net control operator this evening, my name is (your first name) and my call is (your call sign).

To start with, is there any emergency traffic for the net this evening?
(Listen. If anyone responds, then address the emergency immediately.)

Is there any formal or informal traffic for the net this evening?
(Listen. Address any formal or informal traffic (messages).)

In the past, we have had many check-ins from those that were not on the net at it's beginning.
To give everyone the opportunity to hear the announcements, we have decided to take announcements after check-ins.

We will begin with check-ins to the net.

When checking in, say "this is" then unkey your mike to make sure you are not doubling with anyone. Then state your call sign, your Call Sign Phonetically,
Your First Name, Location, and whether you can stay for comments.

We will first take mobile or short-time stations.
This is the Ellijay Amateur Radio Society Repeater Net. Please Call NOW!

(After all mobile or short-time stations have checked in, then go to the EchoLink check-ins.)

(Allow EchoLink contacts extra time to respond, since there are lengthy delays
when they key-up and release their transmission. The repeater will announce
when a station, logs in or out. For a visual list of EchoLink stations,
log into EchoLink using your PC with its microphone and speaker muted.)

We will now take EchoLink check-ins. Any EchoLink station wishing to check in, please call now.

(Take EchoLink check-ins.)

(After all EchoLink stations have checked-in, then go to regular check-ins.)

We will now take regular check-ins. Any station wishing to check in, please call now.

(Take check-ins and if there is a prolonged pause, ask if there are additional stations wishing to check-in. After all have checked-in, then go back thru each station and ask them for any comments. Encourage conversation. We want the net to be fun to participate in.)

Now that we have had several check-ins, let's go through the list
asking for comments. (state first call sign on the check-in list) do you have any
comments for the net tonight?

(After every one who has checked-in has had a chance to comment, ask for late check-ins.)

Are there any additional check-ins. This is (your call sign), net control for the Ellijay Amateur Radio Club Monday Night Net.

(If there are additional check-ins, ask them for comments, as before. When all have commented, move on to the Swap Shop portion of the net.)

Are there any announcements for the net this evening?
(Allow those stations with announcements to make them by addressing each
"Station (state their call sign) please make your announcement."

We will now go to the swap-shop portion of the net. Only items of amateur radio nature can be listed. Is there any station that needs, or has for sale or trade, any amateur radio gear.
(Allow each station responding a chance to say what they need or want to sell.
Ask net participants if they have an interest in the sellers equipment, or have
the item that the caller is looking for. If anyone responds, the two parties should
have further off line.)

Net Closing

We will now bring the Ellijay Amateur Radio Society Repeater Net to a close. We had (give number of check-ins) check-ins tonight. We want to Thank everyone for checking into the Net. We will now turn the W4HHH Repeater over to the ARES Net.