Ellijay Amateur Radio Society

Yeasu DR-1X Repeater
Arcom RC 210 Controller

April 27, 2016
Ellijay, Georgia

The Yeasu DR-1X repeater is on the air and is working very nicely.

In addition to the repeater working, we have a new Arcom RC210 controller working with it.

We had a few problems aligning the the repeater and controller, but all of those issues
appear to be resolved.

EchoLink is working! Now we can check into our Monday Net, and keep in touch with friends remotely.

Don't expect all of the audio levels to be perfect just yet. The CW ID is a little loud, and that will be corrected. Other audio levels may need to have slight adjustments, and that too will happen in time.

Several members of the repeater committee and I have spent many hours on the Water Tower working on issues with the repeater and controller. We discovered issues that we did not know we had. For example, we had ground leads running between all of the equipment, but it never went to earth ground. This has been corrected. Next, we discovered that there were ground loops that were causing considerable feedback and noise. Once these issues were corrected, then we could do a proper alignment.

Yesterday, Dennis Rogers, Paul Russell, Kirk Kirchgasler, and I spent eight hours at the water tower making adjustments.

I want to thank everyone on the repeater committee in getting us this far. I especially want to thank Paul Russell, Dennis Rogers, Doug Barker, and Kirk Kirchgasler for spending the many days on the water tower with me getting this new system working.

But wait! There's more. The next step in the repeater project will be to work on the two meter repeater's antenna. Once that is completed, there are other things that we will need to review.